Saturday, October 28, 2006

test test!

hey people.. this is my first time posting a ill probably sound really stupid.. (if i dont normally dont sound stupid) sighs. anyways.. just got off the phone with my mum.. and.. obviously it didnt go well.. she asked me to go shopping with her.. like.. sorry.. but i dont think i wanna go and she was like 'okaaay... bb'(in an irritated and dissapointed tone) and put down the phone. well so-rryyyy cant seem to please you..shhesh.. why dont you just take a gun and shoot me eh?sighs...
anyways.. its(lets see.. what day is it today?oh yeah.. saturday) and, its after psle! enjoying myself? I WISH!I actually thought that after the 'big exams' would be fun!(guess who made a big mistake?)its absolutely boring.. when you;ve done everything you wanted to do that is.. and i have.. after awhile.. you get bored of hanging on msn talking with your pals and going shopping or going to movies. thank god halloween is coming.. at least there will be something to do then.. (: but for now, i guess ill just have to stick to being.. really..reeeeaaalllllyyyy BORED..
life is seriously starting to suck.. it makes you almost look forward to going to sec school.. (pls dont let me be wrong again)sigh..i wish that nyps would ACTUALLY GIVE US SOMETHING TO DO!(besides playing chinese chess or doing work) something interesting.. like.. pfft i have no idea.. but at least something INTERESTING!but i guess tt playing cards in school with joey,wang ying, faith, hui neng, elena, jesslyn, and sometimes if she decides to join in, si li. sigh. i ABSOLUTELY DO NOT look forward to ms tans lessons. its not cause she is boring or anything.. just tt she doesnt allow us 6i ppl to listen to our mp3's(and in faith's case mp4) and doesnt allow us to play card.or, according to ms tan, 'games of chance'. but, to me, chess is a game of chance. so, tts how i got sick and tired of chess.. loosing EVERY SINGLE GAME isnt a very good way to stimulate intrest.. so, after having faith trash me for about a BILLION games and having both hui neng and elena i decide to concede defeat and wait for the nxt teacher(ms yasmeen) to come so we could play cards.
we could barely hide our dissapointment when we found out that we were going to have our(wait for it, wait for it,) SEXUALITY TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ew, i know (:
at least it wasnt THAT bad.. cause she didnt talk about 'sick' was about what was love and what was.. erm... infurtration(dunno how to spell but it means really liking something for a moment then chucking it aways at the next moment) so.. it wasnt so bad,i guess. nut there WAS ONE part.. that. well.. made me shift uncomfortably in my seat under the teasing gaze of my friends. why? well.. the reason i shall not discuss.. but the ppl in 6i(at least those who were paying attention) would understand.. oh well.. whats over is over. (: *we cant hang on to the past!* (lame, i know..) anyways the chess 'laoshi' came and stuff.. so.. well.. no more TALK! *woohoo* but, of course, the chinese chess was boring and ms yasmeen carried on her talk later. sigh. oh well. the rest of the day was pretty normal.. so that wasnt too bad.
oh wells.. catch you all later later! gotta go find SOMETHING to do(maybe irritate my brother (: ) okayeee.. bb.. (keep dreaming!) -veri.